Mosdal Smart Cart

Mosdal Smart Card

These Mosdal Smart Carts replace the platform scale on a rolling pallet pictured beside them.

The redesigned Mosdal Smart Cart is built to last.  The new design takes advantage of new fabrication technology to reduce labor while increasing the fit and finish.  High definition CNC plasma cutting creates very clean edges and fine details not feasible in the past.  We use the same great, proven reliable electronics that our customers count on every day for their research data.  In the end, we kept all of the things that work great, and improved on the structural design to give you a better product and no price increases.  And, our production methods remain flexible enough to serve your individual needs for custom dimensions and features.  No two facilities are identical, so we can’t expect them to have the same equipment needs.

"We've used a Mosdal Smart Cart for over 20 years, and all the maintenance we've ever done to it is replace the batteries periodically."

- Animal Science Research Director for a major university who started using our scale as a grad. student.



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