Auger Cart

The Mosdal Auger Cart Scale Cart

Mosdal Auger CartThis scale cart dispenses feed and weighs accurately to 0.1% of full scale capacity (typically 0.1 lb increments over a 500 lb capacity). It is customizable to work in any facility.

Options include:

    • Custom box dimensions
    • Custom delivery auger dimensions
    • Battery or 110V AC power
    • Self-propelled ground drive
    • Additional customizations are available to meet your specific needs

Auger Scale Cart Features:

    • A Rice Lake IQplus390 DC indicator with 1″ high LCD display powered by six C-cell flashlight batteries or a 115VAC adaptor.
    • Scale readout is guaranteed accurate to 0.1% over the full capacity of the scale. This scale can be certified legal for trade! Contrast this to other scales that are only 1% or 2% accurate and you will see why Mosdal Scales are preferred by so many animal scientists.
    • The optional LiveWeigh software program filters out movements, soft floor flex, and motor vibration.
    • 10″-16″ pneumatic tires make the scale easy to push and turn.
    • Heavy Duty Construction is utilized throughout.  Mosdal Scales are the most durable and most reliable products on the market!
    • A 9″ x 13″ vet tray holds tools or a laptop.
    • An optional drive unit makes this cart self-propelled.  Please call for details on ground drive options available.
    • Typical auger carts (not self-propelled) carry 500 lbs. of feed, but other capacities are available.
    • All dimensions and features are fully customizable to your specifications!

We also offer a similar product with exchangeable boxes for handling multiple feeds within the same facility.

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